Some of my Favourite sub reddits people pretending to be robots pretending to be people (I hope) Excellent lists of pictures and museum exhibits Just because I’m paranoid does not mean that they’re not after me…  tech security  list of articles Maps. I like maps! for things that are just mildly interesting “odd shaped flowers”, “one of my chickens laid a wrinkly egg” sort of vibe I love that reddit has such sub-reddits New Music list Can be good.  People post to other  post that they think are good can be really good Good resource to ask questions but I also use it as a learning resource some person ask how to do something you try and figure it out. whether or not you tell them is up to you  >:) – things you might not have heard of but the rest of  Reddit has heard of  but you have not everything from Louis ck to the origin of “banana for scale”   self explanatory really Our very own Kerry Camino – Updated sporadically with Camino related posts

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