Some old pictures

old house in Farmersbridge 07730035 07750016 07750023

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Adding a Widget Area to a child theme

So I made a Child theme of WordPress’s twenty twelve theme and needed to put a list of links in the footer. fairly standard type of thing you might expect in a website and should be fairly straight forward thing. You would be right! no thisi is not a bitching post I looked up ‘wordpress: adding a widget area to theme’ First result was a link to the Word press site and I did what it told me and hey presto it worked!

first you register the widget area and give it a name and an id

then you place code where you want this widget to appear.

Here is the page

note  3 things

  • Add the appropriate code to the functions.php file in your child theme,  if your child theme does not have one just create a new empty functions.php it and add that code there.
  • there is HTML in some of the code to get rid of the ‘widget-area’ style class as it gets it to float right. The colophon class style rule will take care of the styling in the case of a single footer area.
  • Remember to change the ID and name of the widget area to something appropriate

Finally something that should be easy to do turns out to be easy to do! I’m so Happy.


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Herp derpsum

The refreshing alternative lorum ipsum lol. available here


Herp derpsum perp dee derp, mer herderder. Sherp berp derpler, herpem serp tee perper merpus terp dee. Sherpus berps herpsum herpler. Berps herderder herpsum herpderpsmer herp. Derperker der herpler derp derpsum berps perp sherpus. Merpus mer perper derpler perp tee. Berps derpus, derpler ler mer nerpy herpem derp der derps. Terp tee herpsum derpus der nerpy herpderpsmer dee. Merpus derp terp ner sherlamer. Derps herpler serp derpus. Derpler sherlamer derpy sherp sherper, ler dee derps. Ler ner derp herpsum sherp. Ler merpus, derp der derpy derperker perp. Der derpler sherlamer herp mer. Herpler derpus mer, derps ner herpy. Merpus herp, nerpy merp herderder. Ler herpsum derperker herpderpsmer herderder perper sherp. Serp derpler herderder berps. Derpus mer, merp derp herpler. Herpem terp serp derps herpsum sherper.

Tee mer, derp derpy herp. Perp tee serp, perper herpem. Herderder ner, sherp herpsum tee serp. Perp sherlamer herpy, herp perper. Herpsum ter tee sherp derperker berps. Nerpy ner derp tee. Terp ner berp herpy perper dee derperker. Nerpy herderder berp mer. Sherp derpy sherper herpsum der sherlamer. Nerpy merpus ner perp herpem derpler berps derpus perper. Merp ter perp herpderpsmer berp herpy. Sherper derpus, mer berps herderder derp herpem. Sherlamer herpler perper herpy der. Derps mer derperker terp. Derps derp sherp tee herpem. Herpsum merp, derpsum dee der ler sherp mer merpus.

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Converting dates in php

converting a date string 09/17/2014

to a unix time stamp and then to a date format to insert into myql as a date

 $time = "09/17/2014";
echo $time."<br/>";
 $date = strtotime($time);
echo $date."<br/>";
 echo gmdate("Y-m-d", $timestamp);

you will have to add an extra day to the resulting day so this is not a solution but a start


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Water droplets

Sunny Day today (for a while so I decided to take some water droplet images

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flower1This is from one of ardfert Camera clubs trips to the Town
Park in Tralee the obvious thing was to take a picture of a flower, finding one that was in good condition was the main challenge ! I think it looks quiet well

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killarney stag

Killarney Stag

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Selection of images

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Humans need to come to terms with their own mortality

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So Margaret Thatcher is Dead

It is an end of an era is the best thing that can be said. No point going off half cocked and giving out yards and listing what she did we who lived through the era remember. No point celebrating and punching the air because we are happy about it, what she did was a long time ago. She was a strong, iron willed, impressive politican and leader.  Basically the kind of PM people think they need in difficult times. A person who sees a problem decides on a solution and then carries out the solution no matter what, no sympathy, no regrets just get the difficult task done and do not apologise after it.

If nothing else she shows you should be careful what you wish for.

She was impressive. But scary. You knew that she had no truck with the little people and what happend to them after the miners strike was not her concern the unions must be broken.

I’m Glad we don’t have PMs like that. or am I? Look who we have had…


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Content Creation – the website’s hard yards

Currently doing the content for a choir’s  website. omg. tough. so much so that i have given up and forgotten about it for weeks at a time. Now i feel guilty but its just soooo boring even when it is a subject you are interested in. I really should use Seinfield technique of constant work.

Ideally you would fill out the pages in a website with photographs (because writing text is hard!) but the fact is that I cannot bring my camera with me when I am singing and also I cannot take pictures when I am singing so filling out the website is a bust.

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