Adding a Widget Area to a child theme

So I made a Child theme of WordPress’s twenty twelve theme and needed to put a list of links in the footer. fairly standard type of thing you might expect in a website and should be fairly straight forward thing. You would be right! no thisi is not a bitching post I looked up ‘wordpress: adding a widget area to theme’ First result was a link to the Word press site and I did what it told me and hey presto it worked!

first you register the widget area and give it a name and an id

then you place code where you want this widget to appear.

Here is the page

note  3 things

  • Add the appropriate code to the functions.php file in your child theme,  if your child theme does not have one just create a new empty functions.php it and add that code there.
  • there is HTML in some of the code to get rid of the ‘widget-area’ style class as it gets it to float right. The colophon class style rule will take care of the styling in the case of a single footer area.
  • Remember to change the ID and name of the widget area to something appropriate

Finally something that should be easy to do turns out to be easy to do! I’m so Happy.


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